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1) Troughs and crucibles for melting copper and copper alloys for casting machines

    가) Properties
       - High density
       - Minimal wettability
       - High mechanical strength
       - High thermal shock resistance
       - Low permeability
       - Good oxidation resistance
    나) Forms supplied and applications
       - Large-format rectangular precision-machined
          crucibles with charging chambers
       - Cylindrical crucibles with runners for
          melting copper and copper alloys 

2) Crucibles and dies for melting and casting precious metals

    가) Properties
        - Fine-grain graphite
        - High density and high purity
        - Low pore volume
        - High oxidation resistance
    나) Forms supplied and applications
        - Graphite crucibles in various shapes and sizes,
           ready-machined for melting processes
        - Ready-machined dies for casting bars or ingots

3) Casting dies for the continuous casting of non-ferrous and precious metals

    가) Properties
        - High density and mechanical strength
        - High thermal conductivity
        - Minimal wettability by molten metal
        - Good lubricating properties
    나) Forms supplied and applications
        - Ready-made dies, precision-machined with
          minimal surface roughness in accordance with
          customer specification, for the  continuous
          casting of copper / copper alloys, gray
          / spheroidal graphite cast iron and precious