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1) Gas injection tubes and distribution systems made of graphite for refining aluminum melts

    가) Properties
       - Minimal wettability by non-ferrous metal melts
       - High thermal shock and oxidation resistance
       - Chemical inertness
       - Non-melting characteristics
       - Dimensional stability
       - Good mechanical strength
       - Very low permeability
    나) Forms supplied and applications
       - Gas injection tubes made of high-density
          graphite in all standard diameters and lengths
       - Purpose-made graphite systems for the uniform
          distribution of refining gas in molten metal
       - The specialty graphite grades are impregnated to
          provide extra oxidation protection 

2) Run-out chutes for the production of aluminum profiles

    가) Properties
       - Thermal and dimensional stability
       - Good erosion resistance
       - Optimum gliding qualities
       - Good oxidation resistance
    나) Forms supplied and applications
       - Plates, guide and support rails, profiles and
          rollers made of graphite, ready-machined as
          planar support and guide surfaces for extruded
          aluminum profiles 

3) Casting-die rings for the production of aluminum cylinders

    가) Properties
       - Chemical stability
       - High thermal conductivity
       - Dimensional stability
       - High-permeability specialty graphites with
          defined porosity
    나) Forms supplied and applications
       - Specialty graphite rings in diameters of up to 500
         mm, precision-machined to very close tolerances
       - Ready-made rings with gastight and high
          temperature-resistant coatings 

4) Electrodes for electrolytic aluminum etching plants

    가) Properties
       - Chemical resistance
       - Good electrical conductivity
       - High thermal conductivity
       - Dimensional stability
       - High corrosion resistance
    나) Forms supplied and applications
       - Circular- and rectangular-section electrodes
          used in etching aluminum strips and foils for
          surface upgrading operations, ready-machined           up to large formats to meet specific process